Coming Up This Week

Hey all!..

Just thought we’d catch up with you all and let you know what’s happening over the next few days.

Today – What is anhedonia and what we can do about it? Already released.

Tomorrow – Which occupations have the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse/addiction

Tuesday – Diet & nutrition In addiction & recovery… plus a downloadable 50 page diet/meal plan and nutrition guide!

Wednesday – How we can all help those with drug and alcohol addictions get back into the workplace

We will also continue to post our motivational pics, quotes and videos

We still want to hear from you as well as you guys and gals supporting each other in our group “Motivational Moments In Addiction Recovery”. Or email is at

Stay safe and have fun! DnD

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Providing useful, relevant, up to date information and support for those suffering from active addiction or those who are in recovery.

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