Our Professional Addiction Recovery Services And Programs

Drink ‘n’ Drugs offer high quality, professional therapies including counselling, hypnotherapy, auricular acupuncture, long-term 2 year professional & peer support program and addiction/recovery life coaching by highly professional therapists, who all have direct personal experience of addiction, mental health conditions and the consequences of addiction such as homelessness, rough sleeping, family and friend issues and others.

Our therapists have extensive, practical experience, offering these services for patients within NHS trusts, community based drug and alcohol services, mental health services, GP practises and private practice therapy for a range of clients, ages and personal situations. We have carefully selected, tailored and honed our range of services because they have vast clinical evidence of effectiveness. We want to help you overcome your stresses, worries, addiction and mental health conditions to achieve the positive results and outcomes you’re after.

Not sure what services would best suit you and your needs? Where to begin? What it costs? Or any other questions? Contact us at a time that best suits you, and we will be more than willing discuss your needs and desires from therapy. You can find our contact information.

Not sure which therapies and services might best help you? Or are you a friend or family member of an addict and need that extra boost of support and guidance? You can find out more information about a wide range of therapies and services in our article looking at these topics here. We also offer some of our services virtually online. This means that we can help you, no matter where you are or the time of day. This is especially important during these difficult times dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. To find out more information about virtual, online therapies, check out our article on the subject by clicking here.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer professional counselling and psychotherapy services for those afflicted by active addiction, already in recovery as well as the family and friends of addicts.

We offer a variety of services, both short and longer term to suit your own personal needs. We truly understand the unique struggles that addiction causes to the addict directly but also to those around them and it is for these reasons, that we create unique packages of care and support for every single person as we know that no one is the same and we all have unique needs, which we want to help you with!


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to try to treat conditions or change habits. Our hypnotherapy services are tailored to meet the unique feelings, thoughts and behaviours that those afflicted by addiction face. We offer professional hypnotherapy that fits in with your life and helps to change the thought processes and ways of thinking that addiction creates.

2 Year Professional Recovery Package, Mentorship & Peer Support Program

Our 2 year professional & peer support program provide comprehensive help, support, mentorship and guidance for those wanting to turn their life around successfully for the long term by providing guidance, support and care for those wanting to turn their life around successfully for the long term.Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs that each participant require for them to maximise their chances of obtaining and remaining in long term recovery.

Our programs include:

  • Counselling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Mentorship from experienced recovering addicts
  • Ongoing psychological & mental health support
  • Opportunities for entering work, volunteering or studying
  • Group family therapy
  • Opportunities for training and gaining new qualifications
  • Improve your english, maths and IT skills
  • Opportunities to improve your physical health and help improve any current physical health conditions you may already have
  • Regular peer support meetings online or at physical group meetings (where appropriate)
  • Opportunities for creative activities Meditation and mindfulness training and mindfulness relaxation sessions
  • Help with any criminal convictions you may be facing or already have
  • Links with local food banks to help with proper nutrition and diet
  • Opportunities for equine therapy and other forms of holistic therapies
  • Other beneficial therapies and opportunities will be added to maximise the programs effectiveness for each individual on the program.

  • Auricular Acupuncture

    We offer auricular acupuncture. This is a form of acupuncture that utilises small acupuncture needles placed into specific places to help with the physical, mental and emotional issues that addicts face.

    If you are needle phobic, that’s no problem! We can use special acupuncture seeds that apply pressure on the acupuncture locations in the ear using small seeds stuck onto specialist small plasters. These don’t involve any needles at all!

    They can stay in place for up to a week which continually helps with cravings, withdrawal symptoms, stress, negative thoughts, low moods and much more.

    Let’s help change your life and create something special, together!…

    For more information, questions or concerns, please get in contact with us using the form below.

    You can also find links to our social media pages here.

    Our Shortened Terms & Conditions:

    • For our free online consultation appointments, the client must be living in a country where online therapy services are allowed by law.
    • Must also meet the criteria for online appointments which include: Having a safe space in which to be able to talk freely without fear of being overheard by others, have the required technology to permit internet appointments, be in a mental state free from suicidal thoughts or intentions, be able to understand and speak English to an acceptable level.
    • Home visits will only be considered within our physical service area. We may consider travelling outside of this area for a small travelling fee. Clients must also be free from COVID-19 signs and symptoms for at least a month before therapists will consider attending. PPE and appropriate precautions will also be used by our therapists during these visits to minimise their risk of contracting or passing on COVID-19 and we expect our clients to do the same.
    • Home visits will only he considered during the COVID-19 crisis by those who do not or have not got access to online facilities, yet urgently require therapy. This will be judged on a case by case basis.
    • If continued therapy is agreed, the client must be able to receive, read, understand, sign and return forms and therapy agreements. These are normally sent by email but alternative may be considered if this is not possible.
    • Any travelling fees, therapy charges or supplementary charges must be paid by bank transfer, no later than 72 hours before your first therapy session and as per your agreed plan on your therapy agreement between you and your therapist.
    • Any cancellations must be given as soon as physically possible. If cancellations are not received no later than 72 hours before your session, the full session charge will still he liable. If cancelled or changed before 72 hours, no fees are payable and any deposits or fees will be transferred to your next planned session.
    • If you have any questions, concerns or wish to receive our full T&C’s and any other relevant policies, contact us using the contact information above and we will get them to you.

    This list comprises of our most commonly used T&Cs. However for a full list of our terms and conditions, or for clarification, please contact us.

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