Recovery Oil/Healing With The Homeless

Helping Yourself Helps Others!

Healing with the homeless project exists to mutually benefit everyone. It provides addicts with another tool to overcome their own drug & alcohol addiction, to help those who’re already in recovery but want an added boost in their daily recovery routine, and finally it helps the homeless and rough sleeping community too. You can find out how below.

We do this in 2 different ways…

Number 1

Buying & Using Our unique, handmade Recovery Products, Designed Specifically For Use By Addicts Who Have, Or Had An Addiction To Drugs & Alcohol.

Our specially formulated and handmade recovery products contain a unique blend of essential oils, herbs or other powerful ingredients that help addicts to more easily overcome their addiction by providing them with a product that has multiple uses. It also helps to improve their daily activities in recovery. We call this incredible concoction our Recovery Oil!

If you’re already in recovery, that’s great, we’re so pleased to hear it! Our amazing items provide you with an extra tool to add to your recovery toolkit which will benefit and boost your daily routine in recovery!

Our Unique Blend Is Called Recovery Oil!

We then include our Recovery Oil into various products so that you can gain the maximum benefit in a variety of situations.

Our Recovery Products

Our Recovery Oil comes in a few different products so that you can mix, match or combine different products to benefit you no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

All of our recovery products include our unique Recovery Oil formulation. You can choose from:

  • Handmade incense sticks & incense cones.
  • Pure bottled Recovery Oil for use on the body, or sprayed in your environment.
  • Equipment & tools to get the most from our products.
  • Various candle sizes containing our unique blend of addict oil.

These amazing products have the following medicinal and psychological benefits:

  1. Help to reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that many addicts experience during their detox.
  2. Ease cravings or temptations.
  3. Relax and calm agitation, restlessness and racing thoughts.
  4. Aids sleep & promotes relaxation during mindfulness or meditation exercises.
  5. Aids and increases the beneficial use of coping strategies and techniques during those critical moments.
  6. Reduce muscle tension/pain.
  7. Calm headaches.
  8. Reduce nausea and stomach pains.
  9. Eases overall, generalised body pain and stiffness.
  10. Helps to regulate mood and provides you with the opportunity to stop and think before you act on cravings or temptations whilst you use our products.

Our products can be used in a variety of ways so that you can fit them into your life, just where you need it… when you need it!

  • Inhaled/sniffed directly from the bottle or by using our handy pocket nasal inhalators.
  • Applied or sprayed onto pillows, tissues or any other items that will slowly release the scent over time.
  • Put into hot water and inhaled during steam inhalation to open your airways, reduce sweating, promote circulation, reduce congestion and settle emotional agitation.
  • Used in oil burners, diffusers and oil/backflow burners and others.
  • Burnt as incense sticks to refresh and calm the room, flat or house you’re in.
  • Applied to areas of the body such as acupuncture, acupressure or tap therapy sites.
  • Applied to temples or forehead to reduce headaches and forehead tension.
  • Sprayed or applied to car air fresheners or other soft surfaces.
  • Sprayed or applied to soft surfaces and fabrics like curtains, sofas or blankets in your home or place of work.
  • Applied to potpourri, reed diffusers, backflow burners or electric aroma diffusers.
  • Used in baths to relax muscles, reduce tension, ease the mind and improve overall feelings of wellness and relaxation.
  • Applied to the wrists to smell when needed, or to neck to smell each time you breath in and out.

See, our products mean that you can use it anywhere, and at anytime no matter where you are or what you’re doing!…

Can I Use It As It Is?

Yes you can, or you can use it in any of the following ways:

  • Incense burners/cone holders.
  • Pure oil to use on your body, in water or in your environment.
  • Candle holders.
  • Diffusers.
  • Electronic diffusers.
  • Backflow burners.
  • Using our handy, pocket nasal inhalators.

25% Of Your Purchase From This Range Goes Directly To Healing With The Homeless

Number 2

Buying Products Which Are Handmade By The Homeless, To Benefit The Homeless

These products are individually handmade by addicts who are currently homeless or sleeping rough in our local community and are wanting to leave active substance use behind them and live a new, healthier and enjoyable substance free life.

Each product made by them contain a note from it’s creator, giving you their name, age, some basic information about themselves, their addiction, where they want to go in their future and how your donation will directly contribute to their recovery and aid them in beginning their journey to achieve those future goals.

Their have made products include:

  • Incense sticks & cones.
  • Candles.
  • Incense stick/cone holders.
Incense Stick Holder Examples
Incense Stick Holder Examples
Incense Stick Holder Examples

All of these products also include our unique Recovery Oil blend in powerful quantities (except incense stick holders).

100% Of Your Purchase From This Range Goes Directly To Healing With The Homeless & Rough Sleeping Community

Further down this page, you can learn more about how your purchases will benefit the homeless and rough sleeping community locally.



Why Not Consider A Memorial Candle Holder?

Unfortunately each year, thousands of families worldwide loose a family member or friend to substance addiction, overdose, suicide, or as a direct consequence of complications associated with having an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

If you have a particular photo of them that makes you smile, or brings back good memories that you want to memorialise forevermore each time you look at it, why not do it in a stylish, respectful and honourable way by including it into a special memorial candle holder?

They come complete with their name, date or birth, death, or any other short sentence you wish to include (contact us for more information about this).

Our memorial candles are reusable. You simply slide the used candle out from it’s holder and replace with another one. This means that you can continue to pay tribute to that friend or loved one that you’ve lost every time you look at it.

So Where Do The Donations From Each Purchase Go?

Each time you purchase something from either product range, a percentage (as explained above) of your purchase go straight towards achieving the following things:

  1. Providing a hot meal and drinks for the rough sleepers and food that can be kept for later.
  2. Warm, waterproof clothing, hats, scarfs, gloves and other such items.
  3. Blankets and sleeping bags
  4. Tents (in exceptional circumstances).
  5. Toiletries and personal hygiene products.
  6. Doggy items such as food, treats, warm dog coats, leads, collars, toys and blankets.
  7. Shoes and socks.
  8. Naloxone kits and training for opioid addicts.
  9. Signposting to other support services for things like health issues, financial assistance, housing and more.
  10. Referrals for counselling, therapy or other addiction treatment services.
  11. Running short courses to increase their employability, literacy and numeracy skills and general level of education.
  12. Assistance with goal planning and attainment.
  13. Access to fellowship and addiction group meetings weekly.
  14. 24/7 emergency assistance helpline.
  15. Various activities to promote healthier, more positive mental health.
  16. Short group coping skills, mindfulness and meditation sessions.
  17. Weekly mindfulness sessions with auricular acupuncture.

We are also appealing for donations to better provide the resources listed above. You can find out more about donating items or to make a financial donation by clicking here.

The money will be used where the need is greatest to achieve the outcomes listed above.

You can keep upto date with this by following us on our social media pages. Links can be found on our contact us page here.

These products are currently being professionally made in our own fair hands!

We aim to have these products ready for sale in mid 2022.
Make sure that you add yourself to our waiting list by completing the short form below & be one of the first to get your hand on it 24 hours before everyone else!

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