Doubts In Your Recovery

Those around us can have a bearing on our recovery, our way of thinking and our ultimately, on our actions & behaviour.

Those who think negatively about our recovery can often cause us to doubt our own abilities to succeed in recovery. You may think that way but ANYONE CAN SUCCEED IN RECOVERY!

Friends or family may doubt your efforts if you are new to recovery, have recently used or drunk or have a disgruntled history of lies, deception, violence or negative behaviour with family members or friends in the past while you were using or drinking.

Remember, these people won’t change their mind about you and your behaviour overnight. It will take time to repair damage done previously, but if you try by making an effort to actively show you are trying to change and do things differently, even if you may slip up once or twice, that effort will go a long way to repairing your fractured relationships. Give them time, make an effort and be prepared to work for it.

You can damage a relationship instantly but repairing one takes time, communication and effort from you or the addict if they are someone else!

Tips To Remember:

  • Keep away from those who doubt your abilities to succeed
  • Make an effort to succeed for no one else but yourself!
  • Make sure you surround yourself with others who are in recovery as they can help you by passing on their knowledge and experience as well as positively motivate you when times get tough.
  • Remember to make an effort with those you wish to rectify your relationships with BUT choose carefully who you want to make this active effort with.

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