National Addiction Treatment Week – Tip 1

It’s national addiction treatment week so we thought we’d share a few of our tips and tricks we’ve picked up during our time actively using or drinking and in our recovery.

Tip 1:

Never try to talk yourself out or bargaining with your own thoughts, cravings or temptations.

We will only end up talking ourselves into doing the things we were trying to avoid or bargaining with our thoughts, cravings or temptations.

For example, if we feel like drinking, we initially tell ourselves we won’t, a short while later, the cravings worsen so we tell ourselves things such as, if I only have one it won’t hurt, no one else would know, I work hard so I deserve a treat every now and then ect.

However if we simply say no to our thoughts or temptations, nothing means nothing, not using means not using, abstinence means zero. That way you can’t talk yourself out of… or into anything!

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