Surfing Your Urges, Cravings And Temptations

For people in recovery, the experience of intense cravings for drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult to manage.

These cravings, urges and temptations threaten your hard-won sobriety and so it is absolutely essential that you have a plan and strategy for dealing with them.

Urge surfing is a reliable, powerful technique to manage these intense thoughts and feelings that all addicts leaving behind active addiction and entering recovery all face. Find out all you need to know and so much more!…

Changing Phone Numbers And Social Media Accounts

One of the best initial decisions you can make when you feel you are ready to leave active addiction behind and enter into recovery is to change your phone number and delete those who you know that still use or drink from social media platforms. Find out why here…

Our Thoughts And Feelings

Once we come to realise that these thoughts and feelings are simply that… just thoughts and feelings, we realise that we don’t have to become subservient to them any longer.

Mindfulness, What Is It And Can It Help Me?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.

Mindfulness also allows us to choose beneficial choices and identify negative ones. It helps with cravings, urges, temptations, mental health, physical health, relationships and many more!

Find out all you need to know and more inside this extremely comprehensive guide for mindfulness!…

We Need More Mobile Drug Consumption Spaces Like This One

Supervised drug consumption facilities, where illicit drugs can be used under the supervision of trained staff, have been operating in Europe for the last three decades. These facilities primarily aim to reduce the acute risks of disease transmission through unhygienic injecting, prevent drug-related overdose deaths and connect high-risk drug users with addiction treatment and other health and social services.

Always Have Something To Talk About With Our Talking Cheat Sheet

Sometimes we find it difficult to start a conversation, to find something to talk about or to express what we want to say with the the correct intention we want to get across to someone else.

This “talking cheat sheet” give you prompts, ideas and suggestions for conversation, communication, creativity and many more uses besides, your creativity is your only limit!…

Knowing And Overcoming Your Triggers

Knowing what your triggers are, what you need to do in order to avoid them and what to do should something trigger your cravings or temptations to use drugs or drink alcohol unexpectedly is a vital skill everyone needs to learn to successfully remain in recovery and avoid lapsing/relapsing.
Learn how to use this vital skill in your recovery by reading on inside this article!…

Accepting Life’s Tough Times

Nature and life will throw up obstacles and pitfalls that we cannot anticipate for and trying to have a plan, should these occur so that you don’t have a setback which may cause you to relapse or negatively impact your recovery. Find out how to help reduce these difficult times inside here…

Celebrate Your Milestones And Achievements

Celebrate your addiction milestones, even if it’s only one day clean or sober, it’s one more day that you didn’t have yesterday.

National Addiction Treatment Week – Tip 1

It’s national addiction treatment week so we thought we’d share a few of our tips and tricks we’ve picked up during our time actively using or drinking and in our recovery. Our first tip is inside here…