Your Next Sunday Surprise!

So for this Sunday surprise, we thought we’d try and lift the mood a little for those addicts who are struggling today. Even if you’re not struggling, COVID-19 seems to be taking its toll on everyone!

So we thought this little stand up sketch from Andy Gold would brighten up your day, just as much as he does for us!…

Having A Strong Community Of Friends And Loved Ones

For those already in recovery, we know just how much we owe our new lifestyles, thanks to not only our own hard work but also to those who constantly supported us and continue to do so when times get tough. A strong community of friends, familiar faces and loved ones can be a real driving force in our effort to enter recovery or remain there.

This little Sunday Surprise fact really resonated with us and we hope it will with you to!?…

Could Mindfulness Make The Brain Immune To Temptation?

We have studied the Brain for decades, trying to unlock it’s mysterious yet astonishing abilities!
A researcher from Washington University has studied the Brain to see whether implementing mindfulness techniques and practices could make our brain immune to temptations from the things we have developed a physical and psychological patterns of behaviour around.

Find out more about her research methods and clinical findings here!…

Third Sunday Surprise

Here is our third Sunday Surprise. We hope you find them as funny as we do! We hope you’re having a good Sunday. Let us know what you’re upto, we’d love to share it with everyone!…

Our First Sunday Surprise

So here is our first Sunday surprise. We hope you like them and they make you laugh as much as they did for us!
Let us know what you think! We value you and your opinions!