Are You Making Amends With Those You’ve Hurt In Your Active Addiction? Find Out How Here!

One big part of recovering from a addiction to alcohol or drugs is to attempt to make amends for the past mistakes, guilt, embarrassment, shame or harm that you caused as a result of your active addiction to substances.

However, we often don’t even realise that our behaviour is harmful or negative toward ourselves or others until we enter recovery. As our mind becomes clearer once again, we begin to see the scale of damage that we’ve caused to ourselves, as well as all of the relationships we damaged with family, friends, colleagues, employers and others.
This article will help guide you through the process of making amends with others, working fellowships steps 8 & 9 and overcoming the damage that’s been done as a direct result of your substance use.

The 6 Roles In An Addicted Household

Each family that include one addict or more change the family dynamics to the point of becoming dysfunctional. In this article, you will find 6 different categories of various family roles and how they fit into an addicted household.

Which one are you and how does your role influence the other members of your family household.