The Revolutionary Question To Ask Those With Substance Abuse Issues And Addictions

Scientists and experts have changed the game-plan of addiction and recovery by looking at it from a different perspective by asking a new, revolutionary question. To find out what it is and see if it will change the way you think, continue to read this article, you may be surprised what it is!?…

How And When To Tell Others That You Have An Addiction And 60 Ways To Say No!

Knowing how and when to tell others you’re an addict, in your own time, is vital in your recovery. Knowing what to say and how to say it will ensure that you’re always in control. Do you know how to say no? Find out how to say no and find 60 ways to say no so that you can add them to your mental library of recovery tips and tricks.

Creating Bucket Lists In Recovery

Christmas delivers it very own set of challenges for the recovering being; it seems that everywhere, everyone is making merry and having a cheeky little tipple of their favourite sauce, families must be dealt with, presents must be bought, things must be done…done…DONE. We… MUST… Make… Christmas… Fabulous – aaargh! It may make you wantContinue reading “Creating Bucket Lists In Recovery”