Getting To The Point – Could You Have A Needle Fixation?

Needle fixation occurs when the actual act of injecting the drug into their veins becomes compulsive, rewarding and equal to, or more important than the actual act of using the drug itself. Certain experts actually consider needle fixation to be a separate addiction, with some referring to it as a behavioural addiction, or as part of a ritual that they follow every time they use their substance of choice. Those with needle fixations may also inject water or other substances when their drug(s) of choice aren’t available to satisfy their psychological need to inject.

In this article, you will find out what needle fixation is and what it takes to overcome needle fixation.

How And Where Addicts Hide Their Drugs And Alcohol And The Deception That Surrounds It

THIS ARTICLE IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED AS A GUIDE AS TO HOW TO HIDE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AND IS ONLY MEANT TO SERVE AS INFORMATION FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES TO IDENTIFY WARNING SIGNS! Addiction is messy and causes chaos in a person’s life as well as for family and friends. OneContinue reading “How And Where Addicts Hide Their Drugs And Alcohol And The Deception That Surrounds It”

Harm Reduction – Reducing Your Risks With Drugs And Alcohol

What Is Harm Reduction? In our lives, we try to reduce the harm that we do to ourselves and others and having an addiction to substances is no different. Harm reduction is a proactive approach to reducing the damage done by alcohol, drugs, and other substances, as well as addressing broader health and social issues,Continue reading “Harm Reduction – Reducing Your Risks With Drugs And Alcohol”