Addiction Around The World

Today’s fact finding post! These statistics are shocking, considering all of the latest technology, medicinal discoveries, human attitudes, improvements in attitudes towards mental health and improvements in neighbourly relations following on from the COVID outbreak, people with substance use disorders (addictions) still face much persecution, judgement, shame, isolation. But it doesn’t have to be this way, find out how you can do your bit in this fact finding article!…

4 Tips For Asking For Help When Needed

Asking for help usually means you must admit to something you’d prefer not to mention, asking for help means you must admit you need other people and asking for help means you can’t do something by yourself.

It is often said that admitting to yourself that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step. And while that is a big step – the next one, maybe even bigger: asking for help from someone else.

Here are 4 top tips to remember when asking someone else for help to overcome your addiction to substances.

Why is Drug Or Alcohol Addiction A Social Issue?

If you do not have a family member, friend or colleague that is directly affected by drug or alcohol abuse, you most probably think that it is something that only happens to other people. And we would all love to say that alcoholism and drug abuse is not our problem. But it is. Drug andContinue reading “Why is Drug Or Alcohol Addiction A Social Issue?”

Why dating or intimate relationships in early recovery can be a bad idea?…

You may have heard that dating while in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is dangerous territory, and while many sober coaches, sponsors, and therapists advise against it but how much truth is there in this age-old rule? Should You Date in Alcohol or Drug Addiction Recovery? The short answer? It’s probably not a greatContinue reading “Why dating or intimate relationships in early recovery can be a bad idea?…”