Getting Butterflies? Feeling Like Those Flutters Taking Off? Use The Butterfly Hug Technique!

We all experience times when things just get too much, and these can be really scary, especially when you aren’t expecting them. However, having a technique that you can use to rapidly help can be a real comfort, especially when mentally it seems like nothing and no one can help in those scary moments in time.

Make sure that you learn this simple, adaptable and versatile coping strategy to add to your recovery toolbox. It’s one easy technique, but one that can pack a punch alone or in conjunction with other coping strategies!

Don’t Let Fear And Apprehension Hold You Back From The Life You Deserve

We all fear the unknown. Change can be scary. Taking that first leap of faith towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely daunting and apprehension. We’re asking ourselves to jump away from the things that we’ve used for so long to self soothe and “cope” with difficulties throughout our lives but unless you do, you’ll be stuck in the ever-worsening downward spiral which more of than not, lead to the 3 endings that are mentioned at fellowship meetings, jail, institutions or death and while we’re still using or drinking, we put ourselves at an extremely high risk of those things coming true, sooner rather than later.

Find out how to make long lasting change inside this article!…

Fear – Is It Holding You Back? Find Out What You Can Do About It…

Overcoming fears that we experience in active addiction and recovery can be a daunting and scary prospect to think about and overcome.

Knowing what to be aware of and having the knowledge, skills and techniques to deal with them when they arise or when you are ready to deal with your fears.

The sooner you do, the easier and happier you will be.

How The Terms We Use In Addiction And Recovery Matter And How To Overcome This Vital Issue

What we say and how we say it has an enormous impact on ourselves and others. For example, saying substance abuse instead of substance use disorder can create the feeling that they are choosing to use/drink and that it can be a moral failing.

The results inside, along with downloadable media, studies, reports, tips and ideas to overcome this barrier many face before or whilst deciding whether to enter and accept help in recovery.
We have lost so many lives from this which could have otherwise been saved. Lets not loose anymore people unnecessarily just because of this issue.