DnD Courses, Workshops And Masterclasses Coming In Jan 2022

This course is currently being designed by industry experts, recovering addicts, addiction campaigners, leading academic researchers and biological scientists to provide a “one stop shop” course to move you from your current situation, no matter whether you are at rock bottom or living an average life in recovery that you would like to improve on, there’s something for everyone.

Getting Butterflies? Feeling Like Those Flutters Taking Off? Use The Butterfly Hug Technique!

We all experience times when things just get too much, and these can be really scary, especially when you aren’t expecting them. However, having a technique that you can use to rapidly help can be a real comfort, especially when mentally it seems like nothing and no one can help in those scary moments in time.

Make sure that you learn this simple, adaptable and versatile coping strategy to add to your recovery toolbox. It’s one easy technique, but one that can pack a punch alone or in conjunction with other coping strategies!

Surfing Your Urges, Cravings And Temptations

For people in recovery, the experience of intense cravings for drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult to manage.

These cravings, urges and temptations threaten your hard-won sobriety and so it is absolutely essential that you have a plan and strategy for dealing with them.

Urge surfing is a reliable, powerful technique to manage these intense thoughts and feelings that all addicts leaving behind active addiction and entering recovery all face. Find out all you need to know and so much more!…