Always Have Something To Talk About With Our Talking Cheat Sheet

Sometimes we find it difficult to start a conversation, to find something to talk about or to express what we want to say with the the correct intention we want to get across to someone else.

This “talking cheat sheet” give you prompts, ideas and suggestions for conversation, communication, creativity and many more uses besides, your creativity is your only limit!…

The Use Of Complimentary Medicine, Holistic Therapies And Equine Therapy In Addiction

This article looks at the wide range of alternative and complimentary therapies that can assist actively using addicts to get into recovery more successful and more likely to be maintained.
This article also looks at the role of equine therapy in addiction recovery. Creating a recovery plan that includes both western medicine and alternative/complimentary therapies.

Are Creative People Predisposed To Addiction?

History is filled with wonderfully creative individuals who came to tragic ends. It’s so common to hear of artists struggling with alcohol, drugs or mental illness and the link between the two seems almost undeniable. But does creativity really correlate with addiction or mental health issues like depression or bipolar disorder? Is there a scientificContinue reading “Are Creative People Predisposed To Addiction?”

How Creativity And Art Help With Addiction And Recovery

A common misconception amongst many creative addicts is the idea that substances such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine or hallucinogens can stimulate creativity. They cite that many creative geniuses have also been alcoholics or drug addicts. However in a recent study, Roger Beaty, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard University, found that creativity comesContinue reading “How Creativity And Art Help With Addiction And Recovery”