Are You Ready For The 30-5 Challenge!?…

Are you ready to give thanks for the continued, unwavering and unconditional love and support to get, and have got from others?

“The 30-5 Challenge” is the perfect way to do it…

Third Sunday Surprise

Here is our third Sunday Surprise. We hope you find them as funny as we do! We hope you’re having a good Sunday. Let us know what you’re upto, we’d love to share it with everyone!…

Scars, Wounds And Inspiration

In addiction and recovery, we often try to hide what we perceive as shameful, embarrassing, offensive or events or outcomes we may feel guilt or regret about. However, we should try to see them as “badges” of experience, growth, development and achievement.

Without realising it, you are inspiring and motivating others whilst accomplishing your own goals, milestones and achievements.

How The Terms We Use In Addiction And Recovery Matter And How To Overcome This Vital Issue

What we say and how we say it has an enormous impact on ourselves and others. For example, saying substance abuse instead of substance use disorder can create the feeling that they are choosing to use/drink and that it can be a moral failing.

The results inside, along with downloadable media, studies, reports, tips and ideas to overcome this barrier many face before or whilst deciding whether to enter and accept help in recovery.
We have lost so many lives from this which could have otherwise been saved. Lets not loose anymore people unnecessarily just because of this issue.

Facts And Figures Of Addiction – Did You Know!?…

These facts, figures and statistics make for an interesting read. Having current, valid knowledge can help us to change the stigma, myths and misinformation still circulating around between people who don’t know better.
Sharing these bits of information is one way we can start to change the opinions of addicts and addiction.

It’s National Recovery Month

What is Recovery Month? Now in its 31st year, Recovery Month celebrates the gains made by those in recovery, just as we celebrate improvements made by those who are managing other health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Each September, Recovery Monthworks to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the emergenceContinue reading “It’s National Recovery Month”

Do You Know Just How Much Damage And Consequences Your Substance Use Is Causing In Your Life? Find Out At A Glance With Our Addiction Overview Tool

Are you aware of just how much damage both physically, financially and mentally your particular substance use is having in your life? We sometimes only focus on the most obvious and immediately consequences that are immediately in front of us and fail to grasp the reality that your substance use has on other more subtleContinue reading “Do You Know Just How Much Damage And Consequences Your Substance Use Is Causing In Your Life? Find Out At A Glance With Our Addiction Overview Tool”