Our Award Winning Professionals

Dave, one of our volunteer psychotherapists, hypnotherapists & acupuncturists has won a contribution award for his dedication to his clients!

He would like to say a big thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for him and goes on to say the following.

I do what I do because I not only enjoy it, but because I like giving back and helping others. I’m extremely grateful, and It’s really humbling knowing that others appreciate and value the work and therapies that I provide in order to help other fellow addicts to enter recovery, and live the productive and prosperous life that we all deserve to live. Thank you!…

Dave – Volunteer Therapist

Our Professional Therapies

If you’d like to know more about our award winning therapies and recovery services, check out our page for more information here. You can also find a wide variety of groups, charities and organisations who can help you on our help and support page here.

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