Addiction Around The World

Today’s fact finding post! These statistics are shocking, considering all of the latest technology, medicinal discoveries, human attitudes, improvements in attitudes towards mental health and improvements in neighbourly relations following on from the COVID outbreak, people with substance use disorders (addictions) still face much persecution, judgement, shame, isolation.

Until we ALL adopt a universal attitude that supports and embraces positive attitudes towards recovery, then nothing will change. It is no wonder these statistics are as they are when you consider that in certain countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and India, addicts are beaten, abused, forced into withdrawal with no support in jails that would be unfit for animals, never mind human beings.

Do Your Bit To Promote Change!…

We can all do our small part to change this. If you only do one thing today, share this post on your social media accounts, or remind everyone you know that:

1) Addiction isn’t a choice or moral failing.
2) Addiction isn’t infectious.
3) Long term recovery is possible.
4) No one is excluded when it comes to developing an addiction.
5) Help and support is out there for those who want it.

And maybe the most important of all…

6) You are worth recovery, you deserve happiness, a prosperous and productive life, and are NEVER a lost cause or too far gone to change!

Want Help, Advice & Support?

If you or someone you know is suffering alone with an addiction, it’s never to soon or to late to reach out and ask for help! Everyone deserves to live a life that’s happy, substance free, productive and prosperous, and we can help you with this!

  1. Check out our wide range of articles in our blog.
  2. Contact one of our specialist, experienced therapists who can help you with a wide range of therapies and treatments. You can find out more here.
  3. Have a look at our help and support page where you can find a list of a wide variety of groups, organisations and charities who can help you.
  4. Have a chat with others who may be in a similar position to you on our social media pages. You can find links to them here.

Want More Like This!?…

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