DnD Courses, Workshops And Masterclasses Coming In Jan 2022

Coming in January 2022 is our unique, proven, expert led range of courses, workshops and webinars for addicts, their family and friends, healthcare professionals and the general public.

Addictions, Habits & Trauma – Getting Clean, Living Free

How Will This Course Help Me?

This course has been designed by industry experts, addiction campaigners, recovering addicts, leading academic researchers and biological scientists to provide a “one stop shop” course to move you from your current situation, no matter whether you are at rock bottom or living an average life in recovery that you would like to improve on, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Overcome the emotional trauma of breakups and betrayal
  2. Release the negative anger and pain you may be experiencing from life, relationships or addiction
  3. Understand and apply true forgiveness to bring freedom to you and your future success
  4. Let go of childhood beliefs and negative emotions often that interfere or hinder with your healing
  5. Tame the pain from emotional traumas, the consequences that come from addiction
  6. Loads more!

This course can help with substance addictions, improving on bad habits, overcoming the betrayal you may be feeling from a family member or friend who is an addict, breaking up from volatile relationships that aren’t good for you, or even simply improving your knowledge about addiction, coping strategies and life skills, no matter what, there’s something in here for everyone!

What Is Included In The Course?

To make this course as comprehensive, unique and supportive as possible, we include much, much more than other courses you may find online. Our course contains:

  1. A fully modulated, interactive course that leads you along each and every stage as you improve your knowledge, gain new skills and experiences that you can use in your daily life. There is no time limit so that you can stop and start when it suits you
  2. Access to guided audio mindfulness, hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions
  3. 6 quizzes (one for each module)
  4. 25+ additional handouts and downloads
  5. Guides to helpful techniques such as journaling, EFT tapping techniques and others
  6. Access to a library of eBooks and PDF versions of helpful textbooks that you can read to boost your learning and knowledge at any time.
  7. Creation of your own person recovery plan to ensure that you make the most of each day, and achieve the goals, dreams and bucket list items you have planned for the future.
  8. Discussion board for you to speak with experts and others who may be in the same situation as yourself
  9. 12 months of ongoing support with access to an exclusive blog that only those who have undergone this course may read
  10. 12 months of “check-ins” from life coaches and therapists at the 3 months, 6 months and 12 month stages
  • Module 1: Why It’s So Hard To Let Go Of The Pain
  • Module 2: Understanding Forgiveness, Including Learning To Forgive Yourself
  • Module 3: Strategies To Let The Pain Go
  • Module 4: Living A New Way Of Life That Works
  • Module 5: Applying Techniques & Strategies In Real Life
  • Module 6: Where Do I Go From Here?

Other Workshops & Masterclasses

Each month, we will be conducting workshops and masterclasses on various addiction and behavioural topics with leading academics, experts, recovering addicts, organisations from around the EU who are currently conducting cutting edge research, therapies and trials.

They will be conducted online with spaces to book prior to the events.

As and when the coronavirus situation dictates, we will also run physical workshops and meetings. We will provide more updates on these when we are able to as the current situation allows.

Included within the course are guided meditation and mindfulness sessions that can be downloaded and listened to whenever you need to simply take some time out and relax, or to help to settle and sleep better before you go to bed. They are recorded by qualified, experienced therapists and mindfulness experts to ensure that the recordings are potent, and really hit the spot when stress rises and you need to reach for an alternative to substances, and that it to listen to these, they work!

These can be purchased as a set, or individually to suit your needs. More information about these will be released in the near future.

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