Let Us Know What You Think About Using CBD And CBG oils In Addiction Recovery

We’re currently in the middle of creating our next new article about the use of CBD & CBG products to help those who’re struggling to stop using or drinking and how it may be used to benefit those in recovery and we want to know what you think about using CBD or CBG products to help overcome drug and alcohol addictions, to help those in recovery, those in rehabs or those with mental health conditions?

Do you:

  • Agree?
  • Disagree?
  • Would you use it if it helped?
  • Do you currently use it or have you previously tried it?
  • Would you give it to someone if it was proven to help with mental health issues and they were currently struggling?

Let us know what you think by commenting below or joining us on our social media pages to join in with others in this discussion!…

Stay tuned for our next article coming soon!…

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Providing useful, relevant, up to date information and support for those suffering from active addiction or those who are in recovery.

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