Can You Help The UK Government With Evidence Surrounding CBD Products?

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has been commissioned to provide impartial and independent scientific advice on the acceptable levels of constituent cannabinoids in cannabidiol (CBD) products (in other words, other than CBD itself) marketed as consumer products.

The commission does not extend to prescribed products/medicines. The ACMD invites all sections of society to provide written evidence with regards to this commission.

We are specifically seeking evidence on the following questions. Your written submission can provide responses to some or all of the questions:

The commission refers to the cannabinoids Δ9-THC, CBN and THCV. Are there any further phytocannabinoids which should be considered? If so, which cannabinoids and please provide evidence.
At what dose would each of these cannabinoids cause a psychoactive effect in humans? Are there any potential harmful effects at these doses?

What are the conditions that precursors of cannabinoids such as Δ9-THCA-A might be transformed into controlled cannabinoids?
What is the combined level of the psychoactive cannabinoids that would not produce a psychoactive effect (in other words maximum combined dose of active ingredients) given the standard use of consumer CBD products?

Are you aware of any evidence of CBD products causing adverse reactions or harms which might be attributable to cannabinoid impurities? If so, please attach such evidence.

For producers of CBD-containing products for supply to consumers, what certification of quality of CBD extracts from raw materials do you require or expect?
For which controlled phytocannabinoids are there reference standards available or likely to become available in the near future for their use in testing?

Please note that owing to the specific focus of this ministerial commission, the ACMD will only consider information relevant to these questions. Additional information will not be considered.

If you would like to submit written evidence, please email the ACMD Secretariat at by Wednesday 21 April.

You can find more information on their website here.

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