The UK Government Is Calling For written Evidence About Barriers To Legitimate Research For Controlled Drugs, Excluding Synthetic Cannabinoids

The UK Government’s Advisory Council For The Misuse Of Drugs Committee is looking at barriers to research working group calls for written evidence about barriers to legitimate research for controlled drugs.

We all should and need to do our part to advance the knowledge, care pathways, treatment options and improvement for the statistical improvement on the chances for long term, successful, happy, healthy recovery.

This is long needed in this modern age where everyone wants “quick fixes” if you’ll excuse the pun, to past emotional trauma and the modern day stresses that many try to escape from using drugs and alcohol regularly (and often to excess). Whether it be the bottle of wine when you get home from work or the spliff you use to help you relax or sleep to the physical dependency that heroin holds over too many people in our communities nationwide.

We all should and need to do our part to advance the knowledge, research ability, care/support services and treatment options

When most of our knowledge comes from research in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s definitely long overdue!

Please get in touch with them using this link if you are able to help, or with us if you wish to work alongside us to achieve the mutually vital, lifesaving knowledge, services and ability to recover for life that everyone deserves!

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