Just One Small Example Of What A Child Of An Addicted Parent Had Experienced

We thought we’d share this small true story with you as an example of the types of traumas and daily struggles that most children of addicted parent(s) experience on a daily basis, often multiple times a day, each and every day.

Here Is J. Tamners Story

I remember when I was about 10-11 years old and I would go to the pub with my dad, play a few games of darts or pool while I drank my pint of Diet Coke and my dad drunk his pint of beer and tumblr of whiskey.

After about 6-7 drinks of both, I would go from being his son to becoming a leaning post to ensure that he didn’t fall over as he wobbled and drifted from side to side.
On one occasion when I was his post, a car drove past with 3 young men inside who shouted profanities and mocking loudly out of the window as they drove by.

From then on until we arrived back at home, I remember having sore eyes for two days after where I cried so hard on the way home whilst I was in my capacity as his leaning post.

I really wish I hadn’t experienced this truly upsetting and embarrassing experience. Still to this day, that incident (which is only one of many, many others) creeps into my thoughts more often than I’d like…

Need Help & Support?

We’re here to help you to escape the ties that bind you to your addiction, for friends and family of addicts as well as educating our healthcare professionals with the latest research findings, therapies and treatment. You can find a list of a wide variety of groups, charities and organisations who can help you. You can find their contact information on our help and support page here.

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