Accept Help And Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For It Either! Find Out How You Can Get Help & Help Others In Addiction & Recovery

Trying to face the world alone in recovery is like trying to ice a cake without baking a cake underneath first of all!

Humans have social tendencies engrained in this DNA from hunter gatherer days when we were still living in caves. Cave men couldn’t eat if they didn’t work together with others to stalk and kill their prey from subsistence hunting and trying to go it alone in recovery is very similar.

Without having someone to talk to about our feelings, get tips, ideas, suggestions or even told off if we’re doing something that’s going to harm us!

Leaving active drug and alcohol addiction behind can be an extremely scary and daunting process, but if you stick with others who have more experience, who can guide you and help you, you’ll soon realise that recovery has many more benefits than the short term “benefits” of actively using/drinking provides when it comes to relieving your negative emotions and using or drinking as a coping strategy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You can always learn something new from others. Even if you don’t need help, try to involve others as you never know who you will help by inadvertently involving others in your daily life, your failures or successes.

Remember: You came into this world with the help of others, you were either pushed out or pulled out! Treat your recovery like a new born baby, make sure you feed it positivity, knowledge, wisdom, experience and determination!…

REMEMBER: Healthcare professionals, others in active drug or alcohol use or those in recovery aren’t psychics, if you don’t ask for help, they may not recognise that you are struggling and want help overcoming your current dilemmas!…

How Can I Help Myself?

Below are some suggestions as to how you can learn more, develop, grow and ultimately, help others too!

  • Ask questions, if you don’t understand why someone is doing what they’re doing then ask. Trying to learn by guessing is like trying to search for a lost person and not knowing what they look like!
  • Ask others who may be further along their recovery journey for their help, advice or experience.
  • Keep in contact your drug and alcohol Keyworker or a healthcare professional regularly and don’t be afraid to ask for their help, advice and guidance.
  • Do your research online, books, TV, blogs, social media, videos ect.
  • Be honest and up front. People can only help you when they know what the problem is and what you may need to achieve change.
  • Ask more than one person. One person will have one view, advice or suggestions and someone else will have another. Ask more than one person and decide which will be best for you and your situation.
  • Pay attention and just listen. Sometimes just listening to those around you can provide a great source of help.
  • Be creative and resourceful. Sometimes looking at things from two different perspectives can help.
  • If needs be, keep a book, diary or record of all the various tips, advice or suggestions you receive from others over time. You can then refer to this when you need help or inspiration.
  • Share your phone number or on social media so that you can keep in touch. Having someone you can reach out to when times get tough is vital if you want to achieve a long lasting recovery.

You can also find a wide range of groups, charities and organisations who can help you overcome your addiction or remain in recovery on our help and support page here.

How Can I Help Others?

Below are some suggestions as to how you can help others to develop themselves, help them grow and ultimately, complete the cycle of getting help and helping others!

  • Keep an open mind, you never know when other people may be listening to what you’re saying which may help them.
  • Offer your help, support and guidance to others who may be in the same boat you were previously. Having someone to help you who has “been there, done it and got the T-shirt” is a great source of help and strength for others to see it is possible to succeed.
  • If you find any useful/helpful resources online, in books, magazines or social media, share it with others who may benefit from it too.
  • Take part in discussions or debates in groups, fellowship meetings, online or on social media. Your experience and advice may help many more people than you may ever realise.
  • Offer your phone number or become friends with them on social media. Offering them your help in this way reminds them that other people do care about them and that it is possible to succeed if you’ve already successfully done it.
  • Create your own group, blog, social media accounts or similar where you can help others by writing your knowledge and experience down that is accessible 24/7 when others need help or advice. Using this method also allows readers to learn new skills as they may discover something new that they weren’t even looking for originally.
  • Offer others transportation to and from fellowship meetings if you are going past their house on your way to and from meetings.
  • Invite others to join you in your clubs, social groups, hobbies or interests. This helps to show others you care about them. Also it provides them with an opportunity to try new things or learn new skills.

You can also find a wide range of groups, charities and organisations who can help you overcome your addiction or remain in recovery on our help and support page here.

REMEMBER: By asking for other people’s help, you show them that you’re serious about changing your life around and because of this, you’ll be surprised just how much help and support you’ll be offered in return when others see just how serious and determined you are to succeed for the long term!…

Tips When Commenting Online Or On Social Media

How To Help And Support A Family Member Or Friend Who Has An Addiction

In a previous article, we looked at the best ways to help and support a family member or friend who has an addiction. You can view that article here. Addicts can also manipulate you by asking for your help, only to reel you in, in an attempt to achieve their primary goal of obtaining money to use or drink. You can learn about these methods of manipulation and how addicts justify their bad behaviours by reading our article on the issue here.

We Want To Hear From You!…

Get in touch with us on our social media pages and share any other tips, suggestions or words of advice that may help others by adding to our suggestions above.

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