Trouble For Our Food Banks This Coming Christmas, So We’re Asking For Your Help & We Will Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is Too!

We are asking for your help and those who volunteer for Drink ‘n’ Drugs will put their own, personal money in return by donating more bags to our food banks as we do not receive any funding or income for the work we do!

We know that COVID pandemic has added unnecessary pressure to families who are already struggling with addictions, COVID isolation and more. That’s why we have decided to ask for your help, to help our food banks who will be helping our most in need this year and do not have all of the items they otherwise would have if we weren’t in the same situation we are now! We will do our bit too!

UK food banks help only the most vulnerable and needy people who may fit into one of the following categories:

  • The vulnerable elderly
  • Those with severe mental/physical health conditions who cannot access/afford food
  • Those with addictions to substances
  • Single parents
  • Children and babies

Morrisons are selling “pick up parcels” which cost between £1-3. You select one, pay for it at the till and then donate it into the food bank bin that are inside every supermarket.

If you take a picture with the hashtag #DonatingMyPickUpParcel we will match it and donate another to the same value in your name for all purchases done before 21st December 2020!

The most vulnerable people in our communities need our help, including those who are homeless or sleeping rough, single parents, trying to look after children and others.

It’s important that we give back to our communities who are and were there for us when we needed them for help and support in our recovery. Or for those still using/drinking, it’s a way to say thank you for the opportunities you have to be part of fellowship groups and an inclusive community!

For more information, you can read the Metro News article by clicking here.


I Need More Help, What Can I Do?

On our help and support page, you can find a large number of charities, groups and organisations who can help and support you during these difficult times. You can find them on our help and support page by clicking here.

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