Self Reassurance Is A Powerful Tool In Addiction & Recovery

Self reassurance is a powerful tool when it comes to overcoming active addiction, cravings, urges, temptations, stress and our mental health.

Using sentences such as “I don’t feel well, sweating, aching and stomach ache is normal when going through a detox.” or “these feelings won’t last forever and will go away” or even “I am safe and well. My anxiety is playing up, I have nothing to fear, I am safe and well” or “I can do this and overcome these struggles for a better, happier life”.

Sentences like these when said aloud, provide positive reassurance to ourselves when we are facing difficult, stressful or upsetting situations where cravings, urges or temptations may otherwise have gotten the best of us in the past and caused us to relapse.

Create your own sentences to fit your situation and try to continually repeat it at least 5 times, one after another or alternate two different ones if you feel it would be more helpful.

Where Do I Go From Here?

You can find our previous articles on our blog here. You can also learn more about meditation and mindfulness here. If you’re looking for further help and support, you can find a list of groups, charities and organisations who can help on our help and support page here.

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