Our Thoughts And Feelings

Tip 5: Our thoughts and feelings are powerful motivators for us to use drugs, drink alcohol, steal, cheat, lie or any other behaviour and they seem like they dominate our world and force us to do things we don’t want to.

However, once we come to realise that these thoughts and feelings are simply that… just thoughts and feelings, we realise that we don’t have to become subservient to them any longer.

The chemicals our brains produce affects how we feel.

We also need to accept that these thoughts and feelings are going to try and make us coon to use and drink, but once we realise and understand that they are to be expected and we don’t have to do what they make us think and feel, we will be able to better overcome our addictions.

Using mindfulness exercises, distraction techniques and other coping strategies will help to change your way of thinking, make it easier to transition and help adopt newer healthier, more productive habits than our older unhealthy, bad habits.

Keep Telling Yourself:

I will get powerful thoughts and feelings and these are to be expected. when I want to stop and enter recovery, they are only thought and feelings and I don’t have to act on them…

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