Changing Phone Numbers And Social Media Accounts

Tip 6

One of the best initial decisions you can make when you feel you are ready to leave active addiction behind and enter into recovery is to change your phone number and delete those who you know that still use or drink from social media platforms.

When times get tough, it can be tempting to contact dealers or drinking buddies when cravings, temptations and urges for “that one last hit, drink, pipe, smoke ect.

Likewise, when we’re trying to learn to live without #substances anymore, the last thing we need is text messages saying “about”, “got new stuff”, “2 for £15 for the next hour” ect really distracts you from your recovery efforts and causes unnecessary temptations that you really could do without.

This is why changing your number, blocking people, deleting social media accounts and others is a critical step we all should take if we want long lasting, successful recovery!

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