Don’t Let Fear And Apprehension Hold You Back From The Life You Deserve

We all fear the unknown. Change can be scary. Taking that first leap of faith towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely daunting and apprehension. We’re asking ourselves to jump away from the things that we’ve used for so long to self soothe and “cope” with difficulties throughout our lives but unless you do, you’ll be stuck in the ever-worsening downward spiral which more of than not, lead to the 3 endings that are mentioned at fellowship meetings, jail, institutions or death and while we’re still using or drinking, we put ourselves at an extremely high risk of those things coming true, sooner rather than later.

Gain as much knowledge as you can, ask and accept help from friends and acquaintances who are or have gone through the same or similar situations as you, use your previous and current experiences to help guide you and move on toward a happier, productive and prosperous life, rather than the world we currently exist in which becomes the size of a £1 coin.

The apprehension that our mind causes us to feel is a natural psychological response that is innately ingrained within us from the days we still lived in caves. Trusting that things will be better than they are now may seem unrealistic, wrong or even impossible to achieve but we guarantee, it is true!

You will find that your worst day clean and sober will still be better than your best ones still using and drinking.

Top Tips For Change & Long Term Success

  • Reach out and ask for help from others who are, or have been in the same or similar situation to our own.
  • Use your previous and current experiences to help guide you and enhance your current situation and your future recovery.
  • Gain and apply as much knowledge, skills, tools and techniques you can, which will greatly increase your ability to regain in recovery, clean and sober going forward.
  • Don’t be afraid or worry that seeking or accepting help from other addicts, therapists/healthcare professionals, friends, family or your employer may make you look weak or incapable. It takes courage, determination and dedication to succeed by asking for help and support from others. It shows others you really want to succeed and not just do it because of pressure or ultimatums from others.
  • Cut out those who are still using or drinking in your life, including other addicts who still use, dealers and others ect. You may even think about changing your numbers so you cannot he contacted and tempted to use or drink again.
  • Use techniques such as “urge surfing” to help manage cravings and temptations. You can find out article which will explain how to do this here. You can also find many more on our social media pages here or on our blog.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. Creating a recovery plan, which includes things such as mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, education, socialising opportunities, work/education and time for fun, hobbies and interests. You can find out how to make your own, with a full guide, planner templates and downloads here.
  • Seek out and use anything you need to that will allow you to move on from your current situation, such as counselling, hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, attending groups or fellowship meetings, medicines from your GP or drug and alcohol Doctor at your nearest drug and alcohol service. You can find a list of contact information for these services and many more on our help and support page here.

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