See Lapses And Relapses As A Learning Experience

Breaking any type of habit can be challenging because it is easy to get accustomed to anything that is constantly practiced. This is why, when trying to break a substance dependence habit, one reality that people face is the risk of relapsing.

The effect that continued substance use has on the brain is such that it takes time and a lot of effort to give up the addiction. The science behind addictions have been scientifically proven with a vast body of evidence to support it, aside from the myths and misinformation that is still floating around in those who have no experience or knowledge of addiction.

Recovery is a gradual process. As such, it is essential to locate the inner strength that is required to pull yourself through, based on a self-conviction that it is time for a positive life-style change.

Motivation could also come from the external environment in the form of influences and pressures from family and loved ones to take action with regards to seeking help.

Whatever the case is, the bottom line is to identify a driving force behind seeking help and embarking on a recovery journey, in order to make it easier to remain on course.

Try to see lapses or relapses as a learning experience rather than a failure. Use the knowledge you gain from the lapse, make the necessary changes you need to ensure you don’t fall into the same hole again and move on.

If we could go through life, not making mistakes, we wouldn’t have developed an addiction in the first place.

They are normal and should be treated as such, however it doesn’t mean that we can continue using this reason to justify ongoing & continued substance use.

Knowledge Is Power

Having relevant knowledge and applying that knowledge is a key part of learning from each stumbling block. Do your research, watch videos, listen to podcasts, read books, read blog articles and other online content.

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