The Little Things Can Remind Us Of The Bigger Things

As we are going about our day, doing the things we need to do, we can often be in such a hurry or be distracted by our phones, music, gaming or others, and forget to appreciate the smaller things that we have in our lives.

If You’re In Recovery

For example, when you next pick up a coin or pay for something in a shop, take a few seconds to appreciate firstly, that you have money where as homeless & rough sleepers don’t and secondly, our world in active addiction shrinks down to the size of a coin (metaphorically) and our only considerations are using or drinking and finding ways and means to get the next. Just for a moment as you hold that coin in your hand, think about how grateful you are that you’re in recovery with all the positive things that it brings such as friends, better relationships with family, work, hobbies, interests and freedom from being dependent on a substance.

If You’re Still Using And/Or Drinking

If you are still in active addiction, just think about your world now, all the negative things that you go through just to feel “normal”.

Then, think about the things that you’re missing out on because of your addiction. Think about the things you like about your using or drinking. It may sound strange answering that question but it’ll help you see why you continue to carry on using and what’s holding you back from recovery. Finally, think about how you could get those same feelings or pleasures from other things in life aside from drugs or alcohol and see how you can apply it to getting into recovery.

Think About Creating A Gratitude List

If you haven’t already started one or ever done one, think about creating a gratitude list. They help identify all of the positive things you have in your life, no matter what you’re circumstances. You can read our article about creating a gratitude list here.

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