Challenge Your Thinking!

Many of us in recovery often have fixed views about certain things, occasions, situations, people, places or objects which more often than not, tend to be more negative than positive so checking and challenging our critical thinking will help us change our views and help us see things differently in our recovery.

We also often assume certain things before they have happened which turn out to be not as we expected it to be. For example, when driving you come to a roundabout and an angry driver pulls out when they shouldn’t and cuts you up. You beep your horn and they swear at you. We may assume that they are responding to us in that way because we beeped our horn at them however it could be that 10 minutes before, they were given some bad news and are upset over the news. We assumed that it was us that they were angry at however unknowingly it was due to something that happened before our situation and was nothing to do with us at all.

Challenging our thinking will help us to gain a new perspective on our outlook and on situations when they arise.

Tips to remember:

  • Take a deep breath, stop and think so that you can respond and not react to a situation
  • Challenge negative thoughts by counteracting this with two positive ones.
  • Write or think of 3 things each day that you are grateful for, an example: good health, a safe home and being able to enjoy the taste of the dinner you are eating or thankful for your pets.

The list below will give you some pointers to help you challenge your thinking. Remember, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes and the quicker it becomes a positive habit rather than always thinking negatively.

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