Do You Know Just How Much Damage And Consequences Your Substance Use Is Causing In Your Life? Find Out At A Glance With Our Addiction Overview Tool

Are you aware of just how much damage both physically, financially and mentally your particular substance use is having in your life? We sometimes only focus on the most obvious and immediately consequences that are immediately in front of us and fail to grasp the reality that your substance use has on other more subtle and abstract areas of our lives. Below you will find a table showing you some of the implications that your substance use is having not only to you but also to your family, friends and employers.

When we get into recovery we must not only overcome the physical and mental strains that our use has caused over our using lifetime but as we develop and grow in recovery we must also not only make amends to family, friends, employers and our community as a whole but we must also learn to live a clean and sober lifestyle where we can be cautious of the other impacts our using had on ourselves and others so that we can give back instead of taking like addicts do in active addiction.

How We Can Keep These Key Areas In Mind As We Go Along Our 12 Step Journey

If you decide to or are currently following a 12 step style program like those practiced in NA or AA, certain steps require us to do things such as make amends to others we have hurt and used during our active addiction and with these key consequences in mind, will allow us to become positive, constructive and productive members of society and to our friends and family. We also know what to look for to reduce the possibility of relapse as we consciously keep these areas in mind in our day to day life.

This information is accurate as of 2020

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