Tip 5 – Dealing With Guilt And Shame

We all have guilt and shame about things we’ve done, said or sometimes not done or said but things are never too late to turn around and change. Unfortunately we cannot change what’s happened but we can change what we do today, tomorrow and in our future. Making progress in your recovery can help free you from guilt and shame by improving the relationships that have been tarnished or destroyed previously, improving your financial situation, your health and work one step at a time things will improve. It isn’t until we change we realise just how much hurt we cause ourselves and others unknowingly because our disease of addiction is devious and selfish BUT TODAY CAN BE DIFFERENT! It may take time but you can be free from the burdens of guilt and shame with effort, attention and commitment to ourselves and others we love and care for.

Published by Drink ’n’ Drugs

Providing useful, relevant, up to date information and support for those suffering from active addiction or those who are in recovery.

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